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Retirement Scratch-Off Party Game

The object is to scratch off the clouds to see if you have the golden nest egg. The host will supply a prize to the person who has the winning card. The losing variations are an empty piggy bank, living on credit, IOU, empty nest egg and stock market crash.

Each package contains 20 cards per package (19 losing cards and one winning card). The winning card is always the first card in each pack. Shuffle before playing. Purchase multiple packs for larger parties.


A Fun Game: Hand a card to each player, use at place settings or have players draw a card out of a bowl. Award a prize to the player with the winning ticket.

A Fund Raiser: Collect a set amount for each ticket. Award the winner with a prize of your choice and give the funds to the guest of honor to start his or her retirement.

A Jackpot: Collect a set amount for each ticket. The person with the winning ticket wins the jackpot!


PSR 900
Regular price: $14.99
Now: $9.99



Personalized Retirement Raffle Tickets

Here's how it all works: A raffle is a drawing that is held to raise money for a good cause or special occasion. The party host will supply a prize for the winner (Gift certificates, flower displays, gift baskets are all nice). Guest will purchase their ticket for a chance to win the featured prize. The amount they will pay will be determined by the face value of the ticket you choose. Remember, guests may purchase more than one ticket.

Collect all ticket stubs in a bowl or box. The players will also have a ticket stub. Have the party host or the guest of honor pull a ticket out of the bowl and read the number out loud. Award the player with the matching ticket number with a prize.

The money collected goes to the guest of honor. Raffles can be held "just for fun" as well as a party game and ice breaker! Each order contains 40 personalized raffle tickets.


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RRT 900
$29.95 / Set of 40

A guest sign-in board that can be kept as a memento long after your co-worker has long gone. Remember all who has worked together side-by-side.... 13" x 17" Suitable for framing.




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