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Over the Hill Scratch Off Game

Finally! A fun, new and exciting game to play at an over-the-hill party! Scratch card to see who gets the perfect over the hill gift. Will it be dentures, Viagra, hearing aid, etc., or will it be the winning ticket "the Fountain of Youth!"

Each pack is sold in sets of 20 cards (19 losers with five variations and one winning ticket) with hilarious surprises under each scratch off area. For your convenience, the winning card is the first card in each pack. Award the winner with the prize of your choice.

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Personalized Raffle Tickets

Here's how it all works: A raffle is a drawing that is held to raise money for a good cause or special occasion. The party host will supply a prize for the winner (Gift certificates, flower displays, gift baskets are all nice). Guests will buy their chance to win the featured prize. The amount they will pay will be determined by the face value of the ticket you choose. Remember, guests may purchase more than one ticket.

Collect all ticket stubs in a bowl or box. The player will also have a ticket stub. Have the party host or the guest of honor pull a ticket out of the bowl and read the number out loud.

The money collected goes to the guest of honor. Raffles can be held "just for fun" as well as a party game and ice breaker! Each order contains 40 tickets.


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$29.95 / Set of 40

Everyone knows "old codgers" of 39 or more, and this book is the perfect gag gift to demonstrate just how far they're sliding into decay and decline. It's jam-packed with fun ways to remind friends that their better years may be behind them.

Paperback | 112 Pages



Do it Yourself Personalized Birthday Plate

Help create a unique gift for any occasion!

11-1/2" Diameter

Dishwasher, Microwave & Food Safe.

Permanent ceramic marker enclosed.

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